In the 1980s my husband & I spent a weekend in London. We hadn't much money & noticed that tickets were avaliable at the Albert Hall for £5 in 'the slips' to hear the 1812 Overture. 'The slips' were at the very top of the building & we sat on the floor & listened in awe at the brilliant concert. In the dark we couldn't see much & then realised we were sitting by a canon, which at the appropriate moment blasted out into the Hall almost deafening us...Amazing & Spectacular. (No Health & Safety then.)

The next unforgetable experience was when our daughter, who played in a Youth Orchestra, perfomed at the Albert Hall with many other young people. What pride we had!

The Armed Man & the 1812 Overture was the next experience when I sung in the Really Big Chorus along with 1,999 other singers. The joy was that my seat was just by the Bells which when the Army was marching into Paris (just before the Big Bang) rang so joyously & with great skill. The shiny tubes twinkling as they moved. We love the Albert Hall.

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