1966 and the shout

27 May 1966 - 19:30

Bob Dylan

Tim Jones

Unforgettable experience

I was there in 1966 age 16 with a friend aged 14 who was very clued in and had introduced me to Dylan. His mother came as well (as chaperone!). I am a lifelong Dylan fan. I was puzzled by the "Judas!" shout in the Albert Hall bootleg, which of course I acquired in high quality reel-reel sometime in the 70s. The official releases solved that. At my concert someone shouted "You're ruining your talent" which lacked the same impact..... Judas was Manchester of course. 

My own view is this. The fans are nowadays wrongly disparaged, I believe.  Briian and I were not all hostile to electric instruments per se. We loved "Like a Rolling Stone". The fact is that the acoustics of the electric set (for the audience) were awful. We knew every previous Dylan song backwards and yet did not recognise "One Too Many Mornings" until well into the second or third verse. The official releases are sanitised and bear no relation to the actual experience. Hearing "Just Like a Woman" and "Visions of Johanna"  for the first time (in the acoustic set) was different and remain a formative experience and memory.. I still have my concert program with a scribbled set list.

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