Back in May 2014 we were really delighted to be approached by the Royal Albert Hall in relation to a wall mural they’d commissioned from Peter Blake. The mural featured over 400 of the most famous artists to have appeared at the historic venue over the years.

The Hall provided a perfectly open brief that allowed us to bring both creative and practical disciplines suitably early in the project lifecycle. It’s exactly this level of involvement with clients that allows 3B to shine; we really appreciate it when clients trust us to help them take a “whacky” half-formed idea and mould it, with them, into a solid, deliverable tool that often serves a purpose greater than its original brief.

Essentially, our brief was to deliver an online interface that would work on mobile, kiosk and desktop. The site would be fully responsive and manageable by Hall staff constantly updating and amending the content held on each artist who is featured in the mural.

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