Bach Choir Christmas Carols a very special Christmas memory

15 December 1985 - 14:30

The Bach Choir Family Carols

Mary Johnson

Unforgettable experience

My family started attending the Bach Choir Christmas carols when I was probably about 4 or 5 in the 1970s, in the days when you could drive up to London and park easily in the road outside. It was magical being in the Hall and the organ bellowing out the fanfare sent shivers down my spine. Sir David Willcocks was a magical conductor, and we always chose to sit in the choir seats so that we could see him conducting. The percussion instruments were amazing and even as a young person I could feel the quality of the choir. I'm a Christian and so there was something especially amazing about belting out Christmas carols with thousands of other people. This is an experience that I have since shared with friends and with my parents and husband in more recent years. The Bach Choir Christmas Carols will always be a very special part of my childhood.

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