From Black Dyke Mills to Crowded House

Stuart Murphy

Life-changing moment

Seeing the Black Dyke Mills Band at the RAH in about 1983(?) had a profound effect on me. I knew I wanted to play on that stage some day. It was an afternoon performance as I recall and I had been taken there by my mother, all the way up to London. A rare treat as money was tight, but I had just started playing trumpet and my mother knew this was important to me.

Years later i saw Paul Weller, 1993/4 and it was one of the best musical performances I think I have ever seen. The musicians who play there seem to get an extra bit of ooomph just by being on the hallowed stage.

And then there was Crowded House at the end of their Time On Earth world tour. I went with my brother and, as is often the case, just cried when i walked in. There is something in the air in that room, something that makes your heart beat faster and your sense become more heightened. That night Neil Finn decided to sing a song with just him and an acoustic guitar, nothing plugged in, just truly acoustic. That was when i realised just how magical the sound is in that space, no need for a PA, the room does it all for you.

Thank you RAH for providing the perfect environment to enjoy the things I enjoy, but a bit more than usual.

Love you,

Stuart Murphy

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