Blown away by Art

15 April 1988 - 20:00

Art Garfunkel

Andy Sheridan

First visit

A second year undergraduate student whose mates had no interest in seeing Art Garfunkel, I entered the Albert Hall for the first time on my own in a rush as I was running late. The ushers were saying I had to get in as you weren't allowed to enter during the first song. I made it to hear Sound of Silence and was blown away! Being a student I was right at the back but the power and crispness of his voice was amazing; the venue stunning. Every song that followed was delivered perfectly, culminating in Bridge Over Troubled Water - still one of the best live songs I have ever heard. A remarkable concert; he actually ran out of tracks for what I think was a third encore and sang Cecilia for a second time. A great first visit!

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