Breathtaking Mahler

10 March 1991 - 19:30

The Bach Choir - Mahler's 'Symphony No.8 (Symphony of a Thousand)'

Christine Sandra Holmes

Unforgettable experience

I will not forget a concert of Mahler's 'Symphony of a Thousand' in which the stage and choir area were packed with about 800 performers. The conductor did an amazing job of keeping everyone together. I was sitting in the Upper Circle, level with the sound-dispersing 'mushrooms' suspended from the ceiling. The symphony has a rousing conclusion, starting with a short pause followed by full volume. I was hit by a blast of sound that pinned me into the back of my seat and literally took my breath away. I expected to see the walls around the Dome crack open! Just as I was thinking "I really need to breathe now" the volume decreased and the weight of sound energy pinning my rib cage lifted. Needless to say, the performance was given a very long standing ovation by the full capacity audience. 

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