British Union of Fascists (BUF) Meeting

22 April 1934

This was the first important Fascist meeting at the Hall, it was a quiet gathering at which Oswald Mosley spoke for an hour without interruption.

The event was attended by the Rt. Hon. Stanley Baldwin, in a strictly observational capacity. A fortnight after this event, Baldwin addressed the Primrose League at the Royal Albert Hall and mentioned that he had attended this BUF meeting at the Hall. As reported in The Times (5 May 1934) he said that he could not help feeling while he watched the young men performing military gestures and wearing admirable clothes that it was a pity, if they wanted to put on uniform, that they did not put on the only uniform an Englishman ought to be proud to wear - his Majesty's uniform. That was, in fact, the only uniform of which he had any knowledge in this country; everything else was either livery of fancy dress. Many of the intentions of those young men were admirable, but the best intentions, if poured into the wrong channels, might end in disaster.

Event Date and Time

22 April 1934

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