Bruce in solo mode.

27 March 1996 - 20:00

Bruce Springsteen - Solo Acoustic Tour

Chris Trotter

Fan memory

Bruce Springsteen on the Tom Joad tour solo tour, mid-late 90s.

About half-an hour or so in he was retuning and musing and the fans were calling out requests; 'Born to Run', came one voice, 'Born in the U.S.A', came another. 'Nah, I don't do them old b******s no more,' said Bruce. Then, a pause. He looks up. 'Do you want a really old one?', he asks. 'Yeah!', we all cry.

He starts in on 'Blinded by the Light',  the opener from the first album. The crowd go crazy, what else did you expect? Then, halfway through the first chorus, with everyone merrily singing along, he busts a guitar string. On comes the guitar tech to make the necessary repairs. This takes a minute or so. Meanwhile, the crowd keep the chorus going for, on my count (I do that) around 20 times. Then Bruce joins back in and on we go to a wonderfully warm and enveloping experience. The highlight of a truly memorable evening where one man and a guitar made the RAH seem like a small club.

I've seen Bruce, in band and solo mode, quite a few times across the years, with many memorable moments, but nothing hits the spot like that moment in that evening.

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