Bucket List for an American Visitor...

8 October 2017 - 15:00

Grand Organ Gala

Robert Rusczyk

First visit

An unexpected "timing is everything" opportunity. Being in the pipe organ industry and doing business with the RAH Willis Organ caretakers, I was made aware of this event a few short weeks prior to our visit to the UK. By good fortune, our good freinds at Mander Pipe Organs were able to obtain us excellent seats for this amazing concert. RAH has been on our bucket list for nearly a lifetime...being able to not only tour the building and organ and then attend the Grand Organ Gala alone made our travels to the UK a "once in a lifetime" opportunity! Can't wait until we can travel to the UK and visit RAH again... New bucket list item is to attend the last night of the Proms! One can only hope! Bravo to RAH and all of the UK for supporting and sustaining this amazing venue and the vast and varied content it provides to all! It is truly "one of a kind". Here's to another 150 years!



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