Come Dancing

Heather P GLYNNE

First visit

I must have been 15 -17 in late 1950's when I first went to the Albert Hall.  I think it was a dancing competition, my mother worked serving coffees there.  Mum managed to get my sister and myself into a box to watch the  show and at the end everyone was invited to dance in the auditorium.  I can remembering looking over the box and below there was a very handsome young man looking at me; he asked me if I would like to dance and of course I said yes. He reminded me of Gene Pitney and to this day I still have fond memories of that night, he drove me home a quick peck on the cheek and that was the end of a very enjoyable evening. I have been to the Albert Hall many times since then and it still makes you feel very special when you walk in.

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