Come down to the front to make it look full

15 October 1968 - 19:30

A Folk/Blues Czech Charity Concert

Dave Hewitt

Fan memory

It was only by chance that I attended this concert. I bought two seats at the top of the Hall and found, when attending, that almost no-one else had seen the adverts for the show. The Hall was about one sixth full. John Peel, one of the two comperes, appeared and told everyone to come down to the front to make it look full much to the annoyance of the stewards. We got a couple of seats about five rows from the front and proceeded to enjoy a wonderful concert by mostly up and coming bands. I can remember the opening act was Yes, who performed roughly the same set a couple of weeks later when appearing with Cream and then Jethro Tull who were constantly talking about Blackpool. The ticker mentions Spooky Tooth but I have no recollection of them. Taste and Julie Felix stick in the mind as did a solo act by Spencer Davis. Georgie Fame and Alan Price performed together, Family were as good as they always were live and there was a strange set from Roy Harper. Some bands listed on the ticket I don't think appeared. I have no recollection of July or Blonde on Blonde, my memory seems to think that Joe Cocker was on the bill but that might be confusing it with the Tiny Tim concert a few weeks later. I do recall Mike Raven bringing on a Czech student who thanked the small crowd for attending and told a joke in Czech!! A truly great evening for the few and my first ever visit to this wonderful venue.