A dash back from France last minute to catch a legendary reunion

3 May 2005 - 19:30


Alex Bremer

Unforgettable experience

What an extraordinary evening - I received a call from a pal whilst enjoying a weekend in Southern France: "would you like to join me at the Royal Albert hall this evening? I have a a spare ticket for the Cream reunion!"

You've never seen a man move so fast... I was in the car and headed north before the call was over - I made it to Kensington Gore just in time to be ushered in to a seat just 4 rows from the front of the stalls!

I remember sitting next to two fellows who'd flown all the way from Japan and paid thousands for their ticket - making my dash from France suddenly seem quite lame.

The show itself was extraordinary - a genuine bucket-list moment for all those gathered in this extraordinary place.

NOTE the arrow in the pic points right at me..!