Dylan goes electric!

26 May 1966 - 19:30

Bob Dylan

Martin Kaufman

Unforgettable experience

I was seated in the stalls where the Prommers go for Bob Dylan's memorable London transformation. I was 18, and by myself.

First act, acoustic, fantastic, and everyone knew and loved all the songs. Second act - what's going on here? The band comes on and Bob launches into Dylan Mark 2. A male voice shouts out ''Woody Guthrie would turn in his grave!", and there are rumblings in the audience. All the bios and reference books say this famous quote happened in Manchester on the same tour - but I heard it HERE in the Albert Hall (unless if course it was the same heckler!) I wasn't a folkie purist. I loved the second half, and it just confirmed Dylan to me as the master poet-musician of the mid-twentieth century. Thank you, Albert Hall, for letting me in to that historic moment of musical change.

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