From eating in trash cans outside Royal Albert Hall, to performing live

13 March 2013 - 19:30

Olivia Newton-John

Alex Boyé

Performer memory

When I was in my late teens, I was homeless for a time. I used to wander around the Royal Albert Hall and eat food out of the trashcans there. I remember being with a bunch of homeless people and telling them that one day i would perform on the RAH stage. They all laughed at me and told me to dream on.

20 years later, after becoming a professional singer, I had the honor and pleasure of being the opening act for Olivia Newton John. I remember going on stage and had a distinct feeling I needed to talk to the audience before hand and tell them my story. I told the audience I used to eat food out of the traschans a few hundred yards away from RAH, and dream that one day I would be on the stage. I told them that it was surreal that 20 years later, I'm fullfiling my dream of performing on the stage, and told the audience to never ever stop dreaming, and to never kill anydody elses dream, it might be the only thing they've got. I'm glad I dreamed, and am SO glad I got to see MY dream come true.

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