The Equality Show

22 October 1995 - 19:45

Stonewall - 1995 Equality Show

Ritchie Parrott

Unforgettable experience

I'd only just joined the Pink Singers when it was announced that we had been asked to join forces with all the other gay choirs in London to form a 'super choir'.  It was for a one of  performance at Stonewall's Equality Show at the Royal Albert Hall in October 1995.  

The rehearsals and the songs we sung are a bit of a blur but being on that stage is something that will live with me forever. Being quite a 'high and mighty' sort of a fella I was placed centre of the back row.  This meant that when it came to our performance I would be leading the choir out onto the stage from one of the two stage entrances.  We got the countdown from the stage assistant "Three, two, one're on".  I walked out on to the empty stage and the atmosphere was electric.  I felt like I was on my own and this was MY gig.  All I could see was the stage - nothing else - and beyond that was a vast black cavern.  I could hear people but couldn't see them.

The performance was over in a blink of any eye but the goosebumps stayed with me for the rest of the night. We then took our place in the choir stalls as the night wasn't over yet!  We had the honour of singing along with Elton John who was in drag and performing 'There is Nothing Like a Dame' which was hilarious. He was also joined on stage by a surprise guest...Miss Kylie Minogue. It felt like the roof came off the building when she shimmied on stage - the roar from the audience was incredible. What a night! My love affair with the RAH started that night and has continued to this day.

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