The fastest I've ever worked

graeme mclennan

Unforgettable experience

I worked at the RAH in 1975 and managed the Grand Tier Bar. As I worked alone, it could be quite a hassel, tryting to serve all the patrons, especially at interval. I tried hard to get people to come to the end of the bar so I could go down the bar and serve in sequentual order - but this proved nigh near impossible!

So - I made a sign, which I put up high behind me  and printed in bold text was 'YOU CAN YELL AND SCREAM FOR ALL YOUR MIGHT - BUT THE BARMAN SERVES - FROM HIS LEFT TO RIGHT!

This brought a few laughs and nods of heads but also - being an Australian,some of the dialects left me a little puzzled

So - , As I stocked the boxes with drink rquirements before a show, we learnt how to tell if people were smuggling in alcohol - especially when they asked for glasses or even a cork screw..

One north countryman asked for a cork - I asked him what he wanted a cork for? 'Nooh - I want a cork.' Yeah what do you want a cork for?

The gentleman at hs side leaned forward and said 'I think he means a Coke!'

A great team to work with and as we sometimes did 24 hours stints - try to get that through these days - we worked at the beck and call of the performances.

One evening, long after patrons had left - I played Whiter Shade of Pale on the organ and received a standnding round of applause from my fellow workers.

We also marvelled - each month with the 1812 Overture - how the little Welsh electrician, managed to fir the cannons at exactly the correct time - as he had been in one of the bars since lunch time.

HArd work - but great days!

And - if you want to know where the classical painitnings are hidden - contact me ---



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