First concert as a 13 year old

31 December 1986 - 21:30

a-Ha - World Tour 1986-1987

carmen boadella

Unforgettable experience

I went with a couple school friends to see A-ha over New Years Eve, I was 13 and one of my friends who was Norwegian had made a paper banner in Norwegian saying Happy New Year. I remember arriving and being amazed at the venue and how good our seats were, as we were up to the right of the stage. But the memory I will never forget is I was able/allowed to walk down steps to the stage and placed a rose I brought onto the stage. I think also A-Ha noticed the sign at one point but not sure if that was just me thinking that. I was a big fan and like most 13 year old girls loved A-Ha, I just remember singing along and having the best night, I now take my daughter to the Albert Hall as it has a certain magic to it.  

I don't think we even had cameras ( oh how things change ) so only have the memory of the night. 

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