In 1966/67 our relatively small teacher training college, Borough Road in Isleworth, decided to hire the Albert Hall for one night. I'm pretty sure the idea was to make money for our Rag that year (do colleges even have Rag Weeks anymore?)

Anyway it was a pretty ambitious idea. Only about 1500 students, but our ace card was the president of our student's union, John Hurley. He hailed from Dublin and knew The Dubliners. In fact had been one of them he said before they hit the big time. So the plan was hatched. Ronnie Drew and co agreed to perform (so it wasn't just blarney from John!) and we could hire the Royal Albert Hall for £500. Really. Hard to believe. We didn't fill it but we made a small profit. Well, not a loss at any rate from what I can remember. But most of all, it was the idea, the planning, the build-up - could we pull it off? We could and we did! I'll never forget the exhilaration. Bob Geldof eat your heart out. We got there first! And I can't even remember what our charity was ..... But The Dubliners did us proud that night as did the RAH.

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