Guinness World Record Attempt

29 June 2013 - 18:30

Barnardo's Young Supporters Concert

Ross Turner

Unforgettable experience

I have so many wonderful memories from over 4 decades of gigs and events at this very special venue, so it's incredibly hard to pick just one. However, my fondest memory has to be when my children's Junior school was selected with many others from all over the country to take part in a Guinness world record attempt - for the most people playing the Ocarina continuously,  in one place. Not only did I have the unique experience of watching my then 7 year old twins, Samuel and Ellie, playing their 'instruments' live on that prestigious stage with hundreds of other excited children but my wife and I, along with all the parents, relatives, friends and teachers in the audience also got a whirlwind lesson in Ocarina playing ourselves. That meant everyone in the arena got to be a part of that attempt, whilst a plethora of official adjudicators went around checking we were all playing correctly to avoid a tap on the shoulder and an instant disqualification from participating further. What could have been a horrible cacophony turned into a fun, focussed and fairly tuneful mesh of music, entwining rousing classical pieces within the nursery rhyme 'twinkle twinkle little star.' We were proud enough parents watching our kids perform - so it was a lovely bonus to find out we'd all collectively earned the official new world record to boot!   What an amazing experience: how many people can claim to have played at the Royal Albert Hall at the mere age of seven?  A memory for life for our little one's, and a pretty special one for us too.

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