the highest honour of my professional life

Mirka Anderson

Unforgettable experience

In 1992 I was awarded my Msc in Human Communication by the University of London in the presence of Princess Anne. The occasion was triply special as :

 - I visited the venue to listen to Arthur Rubinstein before as a spectator 

-  Had just given birth to my youngest daughter 

- And was the only Polish post-graduate from socialist Poland who - thanks to the open-mindedness of the director of the School for the Study of Disorders on Human Communication - gained a diploma in speech therapy in 1981 and found myself amongst the hundreds of international students on the ground floor in 1992 where they celebrate the most known Proms ' night (watched by me religiously for the past 40 yrs)!  What an experience and personal achievement! 

The Royal Albert Hall has an extra special significance in my life :-) 

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