Elaine Gulliver

Unforgettable experience

It was 1969; a friend and I used to go to the Hall most Sunday evenings to enjoy what I think were called "Popular Classics" concerts. We would pay around 5 shillings to stand up in the Gods, and because we were young the climb up many flights of stairs was nothing.  One evening we were in the queue when a man came up and asked us if we'd like his tickets as he was unable to use them. We of course said "yes please!", and were then tdelighted to find that they were for the stalls - a luxury we couldn't have afforded then. The comfort and wonderful views of the auditorium were amazing, and I remember that one of the pieces played was Ravel's "Bolero" which I recall as being unbelievably thrilling played live!    

Fortunately I can now always book seats in the stalls  but that evening stands out in my memory as the day I fell irrevocably in love with our wonderful, iconic Royal Albert Hall, a love that has lasted for more than 50 years and shows no sign of fading!

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