Leaving my son

29 September 2016 - 19:30

David Gilmour

Mrs. Patricia Garcia-Gomez

Unforgettable experience

My son went to do a Fellowship in Fetal Cardiology at The Royal Brompton Hospital. I went to London with him to help him settling down, and spending some last time together before I came back home to Mexico City. As we were walking by Exhibition Road one warm night, we saw a crowd of people going somewhere. We followed them, and we found out David Gilmour was performing. Being big fans of him, we managed to get two affordable rarely available tickets for a sold out concert, and got in. We met there some incredible British gentlemen, who were amazed by our story. One said: "You're a doctor to the R.B.? I'm a patient there! Brother!" They had never seen Gilmour before, and were surprised  we knew all the lyrics. As expected, we spent the night of our lives. The place was just magic. We realized it held decades of emotions, tears, laughs and artistic experiences - ours are there too now. We could not believe our luck, and how this country and this wonderful city of London was welcoming us. 

When we parted, we didn't say one single word.  We just played "How I wish you were here". 

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