Magic percussion

12 December 1994 - 19:30

World AIDS Day Concert with Elton John and Ray Cooper

Christopher Poyser

Fan memory

Never forget this amazing night, the seats were amazing and £25 - how times change!

This was the 1st of 2 evenings Elton John & Ray Cooper have had the pleasure of my company!
The sound of the enigmatic Elton and the unbelievable talent of Ray scared me for life to be a super fan.

The quality and performance were uptodate the best I have ever seen, tracks I HADN'T really listened in depth to before are now in my top 20. The eairy ticking, 50 yrs on and where's the sharew show the writing talents of Bernie and the amazing performers here playing effortlessly.

Venue did artists justice and set stage for magic evening all for aids charity!! I will never forget this eve, soooo vivid even 27 years ago.


Magic percussion
Magic percussion

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