Meeting my husband!

Amanda Arnold

Life-changing moment

Although I attended my first promenade concert whilst at school, in 1973 I spent the summer in London with my first Promenade Season Ticket for the Gallery. I continued in the following years and in 1977 met up with a group of people who prommed in the Arena, including my future husband, to plan a trip to France after the end of the season. By this time I had moved to within 15 minutes walk of the Hall so I only had a short journey home after the Proms and I think in 1977 presented a Boater to the conductor, Sir James Lochran, on the Last Night. Moving on, in October 1978 we got married and next year celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniverary! In the early 80's we moved out of London, and so did not manage to get to the RAH quite so much, but managed to attend a few Proms and also perform there, including a magnificent Mahler 8th Symphony on one occasion, and some Classical Spectaculars. We are fortunate to have two musical daughters, and on one occasion when they were quite young, they prommed whilst we were rehearsing at the College behind the Hall, and shhh don't tell anyone, managed to sneak into the Hall for the end of the concert and met up with them in the Arena at the end. The youngest daughter has also performed in the Hall, most memorably for the Dr Who Proms, singing with the London Philharmonic Choir at that time! We've also been to the Hall for other performances, particularly enjoying Elton John's concert there. Obviously without the Royal Albert Hall I would not have met my husband, nor had our wonderful children, so we look forward to hearing how the Royal Albert Hall will celebrate 150 years.

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