My favourite venue

15 October 2018 - 19:45

Cliff Richard - 58-18=60th Tour


Unforgettable experience

The Royal Albert Hall is a beautiful place and my favourite to see Cliff, it is always so friendly and cosy.

The staff always help make it a great evening. Being in a wheelchair and finding crowds difficult it is an anxious trip out, but Cliff is always worth it and I know the staff are fabulous. On this occasion, we were looking the right entrance and where to queue, 2 members of staff spotted my worried face and came to help, with in seconds they were opening closed doors, asking people to mind their backs and wheeling me through, I felt like a mini star going through a crowd! 

I have been coming for a number of years when able, and always have a warm welcome. Never disappointed with seats (anywhere is a good view) or sound.

It is a wonderful venue.

Thank you to all who have made me feel safe and comfortable.

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