My first Festival of Remembrance/my first year working for the Legion

11 November 2000 - 14:30

Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance 2000

Teresa Greener

Life-changing moment

I was so proud to get a job at the Royal British Legion. My parents were even prouder. I had known and loved the RAH for so many years, mainly for lots of Proms, but also for some classic Pop moments (Eric Clapton and Elton John stand out). Though I had been to the RAH so many times, this was the first time I had been there to work - accessing all areas and feeling very privileged. My Dad was meant to be in the audience - sadly he died 2 weeks before the event so the Service of Remembrance was not only a wonderful occasion, but a desperately sad one. 

But - but - WHAT a night! And my Uncle - who was in the Army during WW2 and was with the first troops to liberate Belsen - WAS there, and knocked out by the whole evening. I've now been at the Legion for 20 years, and had so many more amazing FORs. But nothing will ever exceed the first one.

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