My wife-to-be

24 November 2005 - 20:00

The Everly Brothers - UK Tour 2005

Brian Davies

Life-changing moment

In February 2005 I met a girl so pretty, so beguiling and so amazing I was smitten. The first hurdle was that we lived 200 miles apart. 

After that first meeting, I contacted her to see if she would join me for the Everly Brothers at the Royal Albert Hall in November. She recounts now that this is how she knew I wasn't going away!!

At the concert, as it was the RAH, I was in a suit and she in a dress that just roared a 'million dollars' and we sang along to all those timeless classics from the Everlys. God rest them both.

We are now happily married (2009) but always recall that moment which signified I was in it for the long haul!!

Thank you RAH,

Brian Davies

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