The night an amateur stood in

Gill Marris

Unforgettable experience

It was a Promenade concert which I attended with my parents sometime in the late 1960's - early 70's. The baritone who was singing the strange OLIM LACUS COLUERAM in Carmina Burana raised his arms and mid song, collapsed backwards in a faint.

Andre Previn continued conducting while the baritone was carried out. Later in the performance a young blonde man came forward holding the score, exchanged a nod with Andre Previn, and sang to the end of the performance. It turned out that he was an amateur who had recently sung the work and just took the plunge and went backstage to step in. Huge courage! Previn reassured us that the baritone was fine, and had merely fainted. In those days the RAH could get extremely hot in the summer!!

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