Over the Years


Fan memory

First came to the Royal Albert Hall with my father and my younger siblings to a Prom in 1978.  I was about 18.  We drove up from Kent and Dad dropped us off while he went to find a parking space in Hyde Park.  He came back late, you could see he was not happy because he obviously had to wait outside for a suitable gap before the usher let him in.  My 8-year-old brother came with his Beano comic and totally ignored all the music on stage!

A couple of years later as a student studying in London, attended a concert at the Hall with my Aunt was in London for a teaching refresher course (or something like that). We had tea near south Kensington then walked up to the RAH for the evening concert - Beethoven I think.

Attended the Proms as a student with a variety of friends until a temporary pause for marriage and babies.

Took the youngest child and her best friend to a Childrens Prom, we had a well-packed lunch box for the interval which we shared with some other children seated near us. 

My children took part in Camden bi-annual music event. All four performed there.  I was backstage as a "dresser" in charge of the girls changing room.  Ironing shirts, mending hems, getting them to stage on cue and getting them back to the dressing room. Making sure they ate, they got left on the right coach and they were safe.  Until the last Camden music event with the last child.

Still going to the Proms every year. Sometimes alone, with one of my children, or a friend.

Missed it in 2020.  Looking forward to Proms 2021 as my youngest child is performing.  My dear dad will be there.  Three generations attending the Proms!

It's an essential part of my London culture.

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