Part of Something Bigger

22 February 2014 - 14:00

UK Premiere of Pixar in Concert

Josh Chaim

First visit

I grew up watching Fantasia on repeat and had such a passion for live orchestral music but never had the opportunity to really embrace it in my hometown. A few years ago I journeyed down to London alone to see Pixar in concert, and while that night is full of unforgettable memories for me, the one that burned itself into my mind was the moment I walked into the rausing circle and saw the hall for the first time. I remember seeing the huge open space below me, the beautiful architecture, the vivid red all around, and the thousands of people all here just like myself. It was a moment when I was stood completely on my own, and I felt a sense of being a tiny individual in the drop of the bucket that is the Royal Albert Hall, and I felt part of something that was much bigger than myself. It was real raw emotion, transcended music, and completely overtook me. I quickly shuffled my way to my seat in the gods and sat down like a kid at christmas, and I've remembered that moment ever since.