Perfection personified.

14 December 1998 - 19:30

Nina Simone

Bev. Grant

Unforgettable experience

My older sister introduced me to the music of Ms Simone so I bought the tickets as a surprise. Our seats weren't that great so after everyone was seated we moved to seats close to the stage. Well when Ms Simone was brought out to her piano and stood looking out at us we thought she was too frail to perform. How wrong we were! As soon as she sat at the piano and started her performance the whole audience were in the palm of her hands. From beginning to end my body had goosebumps. An unforgettable and wonderful experience. I looked around and saw every single person just mesmerised. The hall was jumping. The audience was jumping. The memory of Ms Simones performance and of course the wonderful atmosphere and sheer beauty of the hall will live with me for the rest of my life. 

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