Pop Proms - First London Gala Pop Festival 1969 - Led Zeppelin

29 June 1969 - 20:30

"The Albert Hall has been taken next Saturday for a week of Pop Proms, with three or four different groups every evening, and Sunday night's concert promised well. It was a Blues based occasion with Blodwyn Pig veering towards jazz, the Liverpool Scene drawing on pop poetry and Led Zeppelin leaning heavily, on the Blues itself.
Of the three groups it was the oddly named Blodwyn Pig that probably provided the best music - their two main soloists, tenor saxophonist Jack Lancaster and guitarist Mick Abrahams, varied things well, especially in one fine duet - because Led Zeppelin, altough top of the bill and cheered to the rafters or rather, the new acoustic devices, seemed too melodramatic and ferocious to be quite convincing. Admittedly Jimmy Page's guitar work was stunning in it's virtuosity, but the group as a whole seems to provide more bulk than nourishment. As for the Liverpool Scene, they were led by plump Pop poet Adrian Henri in a set that was nearly as funny as they thought it was, culminating in a contrapuntal attack on Enoch Powell.
(The Times, 1 July 1969)

Event Date and Time

29 June 1969 - 20:30

Orchestra or Band

Led Zeppelin (Robert Plant - vocals, Jimmy Page - guitar, John Paul Jones - bass, organ, John Bonham - drums) Liverpool Scene (Adrian Henri, Mike Evans - sax, Bryan Dodson - drums, Andy Roberts - vocals, guitar, violin, whistle, kazoo, Percy Jones - bass)

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