A Posh Address for a Working Class Girl

Evelyn Marsh

Unforgettable experience

I lived, with my large family, at The Albert Hall Mansions. It was a very posh address but we did not have lots of money. My step-father was a Concierge for the Mansions and the basement flat came with the job. Malcolm Sargent was one of our neighbours.  I was regularly asked, along with my family, to waitress at the Royal Albert Hall in the post war years. It was done on an ad hoc basis as they did not have enough staff. It worked well around our other jobs. We all loved working at The Hall. We enjoyed so many concerts seeing lots of the Ralph Reide Scout Pagents, Vera Lynn, and Boxing to name a few and all whilst being paid!! When food was left over, it was given to my mother for our family, so not to waste it. My husband, of now 70 years, and I, did much of our courting at the Royal Albert Hall. Before my marriage, during the war, I remember going out one evening with an American GI, there is a place very near the Hall with stone balustrades and a sort of pit. I told him that is where the gladiators fought with the lions, he believed every word I said. Problem was when I went out with him again, I said "I told some fool, that is where the gladiators fought the lions and he believed me", "Oh, he said, that was me!!"  Oops.

So the Royal Albert Hall is part of my history. My husband and I have attended concerts there over the years. Most recently my children took us to a Christmas concert in December 2019 and I had a picture taken outside our posh address at The Royal Albert Hall Mansions. Being there took us right back to those times.


A Posh Address for a Working Class Girl
A Posh Address for a Working Class Girl

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