Between 1988 and 1993 I had the honour of serving on The Queens Flight whilst in the RAF.  As part of this service, and as a recognition of the sacrifices our families made with us disappearing for tours with various VIP's (sometimes for weeks on end) we would have the opportunity to attend various events.  One such event was to be able to attend a Proms concert with seats in the Royal box.  I was fairly newly married at the time (June 1989) and it was also not long after Torvil and Dean winning the olympics and so when we got the confirmation that we had been allocated the tickets to a concert including the full version of Ballero we were overwhelmed.  It was very strange to come in a separate door to the general public and to be escorted to our seats.  The concert was fantastic and and unforgettable experience.  We decided to make a few days of it and went to see Cats the next night.  A great time.

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