Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Memorial Concert, in aid of His Widow and Children

22 November 1912 - 19:45

A chorus and orchestra of almost 1,250 people took part in this concert, which was under the patronage of HM Queen Alexandra. The concert aimed to raise funds for Coleridge-Taylor's family to whom he had only left a small amount of money, despite his compositions having been performed all over the world. Around £1,200 was raised from which expenses were deducted, the remains going Coleridge-Taylor's widow and children.

""The huge gathering at the Albert Hall last night gave the strongest possible evidence of the high position which the music of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor holds in popular esteem and the strong feeling of personal regret which his early death has called out...Coleridge-Taylor was the conductor of the [Stock Exchange Orchestral Society and Handel Society] at the time of his death, and the others have all been intimately concerned in the successful production of performance of his works in the course of his career. Eminent solo singers and conductors gave their services, and the general public did their share by filling the hall in every part."
(The Times, 23 November 1912)

Event Date and Time

22 November 1912 - 19:45

Orchestra or Band

London Symphony Orchestra, New Symphony Orchestra, Royal Amateur Orchestral Society, Stock Exchange Orchestral Society, Handel Society (members of orchestras listed in programme)

Event Category

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