The Saw Doctors 10th Anniversary Concert

9 October 1998 - 19:30

The Saw Doctors

Ken Findlay

In late 1997, I went to the Saw Doctors 10th Anniversary concert at the RAH and to meet up with a new friend that I'd previously met at a festival where the SD's were headlining. My new friend Andy introduced me to a whole group of his friends. We are all music lovers and to this day our group of around 15 are still friends and attend concerts, parties, socials, weddings, christenings etc some 21 yrs later.

A strong enough reason to remember the RAH.  However on that night,during the concert  the band had a short re-tuning break and were ready to play their next song. Whilst re-tuning, me and my group of friends start singing the opening lines to 'The Green & Red of Mayo' (one of the band's iconic songs), the band talked amongst themselves, we heard Davy Carton (lead singer) say okay and they then started playing 'The Green & Red' as well. At the same time the AV team spotlighted out group singing and then the house lights came on to showcase us! 

One of our group collects 'Set Lists' after concerts and on checking we could see that the band had changed their song order to accommodate us.

So a fantastic memory of the Royal Albert Hall and the start of some great long-lasting  friendships as well.

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