A serendipitous series of events & my first visit to the hall since lockdown!

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis - UK Tour 2021

Alex Bremer

Performer memory

I'd left home on the morning of 7th October with, for no particular reason, a sudden and inexplicable desire to find out more about Nick Cave. I had none of his music and knew very little of his work, but I'd decided it was time to check him out.

As I sat on the bus, then on the train, listing to his greatest hits I decided I was a convert - a new and avid fan; I really got what all the fuss was about!

Imagine then my astonishment as, later that morning. I received an invite to attend Cave's show at the Hall - I couldn’t believe the coincidence and of course had to accept.

Nick Cave doesn’t disappoint live - it was a fabulous show and so good to be back at my most favourite of London venues, every bit as beautiful and magnificent as ever!

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