31 May 1992 - 20.00

Frank Sinatra


Unforgettable experience

I was passing the Albert Hall on my motorbike in 1992 and saw a poster for Frank Sinatra, my mum's favourite.  It was for that night so I thought 'no chance'.  But the box office had a pair of 'very restriced view' seats up high and round the side almost behind the stage.  I took them and we were delighted.  Frank, now aged 77, came on and said 'my voice isn't what it used to be, but if you'd like to hear me I'd love to sing for you'.  He had the audience right on-side, ready to forgive any issues this aging swinger might have.  My mum Kate was first to point out he had 'autocue'  TV screens down on the front of the stage so he didn't forget the words to the songs!  From our seats behind the front of the stage we could also read the words to My Way as they came up for him.  The wonderful memorable evening was made even better as Mr Sinatra regularly acknowledged the audience to the side and behind him and at one point seemed to give my mum a personal smile.


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