This was our first Prom. I had always enjoyed hearing them at Spanish Classic 2 Radio, even running in Madrid Gardens on Summer evenings. But this time, there we were at last, in our family holidays. And with our three children. We wondered how they would live the experience. I had told them about the history of the Proms and the meaning of this event for the British culture. But I was expectant and a little worried about their behaviour during all the performance. Finally they behaved as well as expected. Probably they enjoyed both Mozart and the treats and chocolates we bought at the bar in the break. When leaving the concert a very kind and a little also worried Promer said to us "The kids are very good". We were proud both of them and the unforgettable show. 

Thanks Royal Albert Hall for the cultural and vital experience. We hope to come back soon.

Rafa, Beatriz, Martina, Carlota y Hugo.

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