We Tied The Knot

14 February 1992 - 19.30

Eric Clapton

Chris Queen

Life-changing moment

Deborah and I got married on Valentine's Day 1992.

We were both divorced and had lived together for fouteen years and didn't get married mainly because Deborah is to some extent religious and I am a non-believer. She was married in church the first time so hadn't missed out on a white wedding. Late in 1991 I thought to myself that we should take the plunge so while on a trip to Rome I thought, if I'm not going to get married in a church I will propose in the most religious place, the Sistine Chapel in The Vatican. So under Michelangelo's fresco of The Last Judgement I got down on one knee and proposed.

At first Deborah laughed and then realised I was serious and she said yes. As it happens I was counting on that as I had six tickets for Eric Clapton's gig at the RAH on Valentine's Day. These were for our four guests and ourselves in 2nd Tier Box 67 and one seat next door ( we all used the one box ) and this would be our wedding reception. We didn't tell anyone else about our big day. Families make things complicated and I've been to too many wedding receptions in draughty village halls with children running around and drunk aunties dancing to crap music.

Between our registery office wedding in Ashford near Heathrow and arriving at our box with hospitality at the RAH we all checked into our hotel in Queensgate and had our wedding breakfast at Han's Chinese restaurant nearby.

EC played a greatest hits set that included 'our song', Wonderful Tonight. How great was that! We had been to the RAH numerous times before that, often to see Eric Clapton and have been many times since. It is a very special place for us. 

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