Wonderful venue, brilliant performer

27 May 1972 - 19:30

Neil Diamond

Martha Walker

Fan memory

I was 14 and it was my first time to see the wonderful Neil Diamond. I was sat in the centre of the third row in the stalls and there, standing in front of me, was the man whose poster of him sat in a rocking chair adorned my bedroom wall! The concert was the first of many, many Neil Diamond concerts over the years. I remember running around the outside of the Hall afterwards with hundreds of other girls wanting to find the way to Stage Door. We found it - needless to say we weren't allowed in but Lulu gave us her autograph as she went in. Happily I saw Neil a few weeks later in Bristol and got his autograph and a photograph with him. I pass the Hall often when I work in London, a stunnning building. Happy Birthday Royal Albert Hall and thanks for a Diamond memory.

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