Yesterday's Dreams

9 November 1977 - 19:30

The Four Tops

Richard Kreider

Unforgettable experience

The memories began when I jetted in to the UK from Australia to catch up with family and friends in Welwyn Garden City, having immigrated to Perth five years earlier. One of the items on my itinerary was to see the fabulous For Tops at the RAH because I was (and still am) a huge Motown fan. This was the first time I had ever entered the hallowed Hall, and it became an experience that I still remember vividly today.  l was walking along the corridor minutes before the start of the gig when who should brush past me but Ryan and Tatum O'Neill, no doubt aiming for their seats before the concert kicked off. As I carried on walking, I just happen to mention to a Hall official that I had travelled from Australia, and before I could say Bernadette, I was ushered on to the side of the stage! What a thrill for a 23-year old! The concert was brilliant, I remember how bouyant and happy the crowd were as the legendary band sang their hearts out. Sad Souvenirs it wasn't, I eventually left the venue with a head full of Yesterday's Dreams. Sadly, my collection of photos of the concert have diminished over the years, but at least I was able to find one, albeit with only three of the band. What I wouldn't give to have had an iPhone back then!

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